About Our Team

We specialize in a few areas of real estate.

1. Assisting sellers sell their homes in Hall County

2. Assisting buyers purchase homes in Hall County

3. Lot sales

4. Lot purchases

5. Acreage sales and purchases

6.  Assisting Buyers build a new home.  We will help you find a lot, a builder, and walk you through the process.

We work with builders and developers in our New Homes division so we have a lot of access to clients who are buying and selling lots and acreage. This seems to supplement our homes divisions well and helps us to assist our clients who wish to buy or sell lots or acreage.

How does the 4 Aces Team concept work and why is it important?

At 4 Aces, we have a team of professionals who function in the areas of their respective areas of expertise. We have Listing Specialists and Buyer Specialists. These agents are trained in our 4 Aces philosophy and they all follow specific check lists and procedures to make sure we give top notch service all along the way. Our Listing Specialist will work to get your home sold as quickly as possible for the highest price that the market will allow. Our Buyer Specialists will work with you to find the home of your dreams and help you to negotiate the best deal for you; our client. There are no magic bullets when buying or selling homes but when you follow proven guidelines, the chances of success are much greater! At 4 Aces, we also have an administrative staff available to assist our listing and buyer specialists so they can concentrate on serving our clients to the highest degree. Finally, John Schwartz and Jessica Wade, the owners of 4 Aces are always available to answer any questions and to assist our agents when needed. Please let us know when you are ready to put the 4 Aces Team to work for you!

What if I need to sell my home quickly?

Unfortunately, there is no magic to selling your home quickly. In fact, every seller functions in the same market. The market determines how quickly your home will sell and for how much. It is our job at 4 Aces to make sure your home is priced properly for the market and then to make sure that it is properly exposed to the entire buyer market. Price and marketing time are almost always directly proportional. In other words, the lower you price your home the faster it is likely to sell (all other factors being equal). There are many factors to consider when pricing your home to sell and it is also the most important thing we do in assisting our clients who are selling their homes. We take this responsibility very seriously and will do extensive research on the market to make sure you are comfortable with your listing price. Then we will put our team to work to get your home sold as soon as possible. We will also council you when necessary if a price reduction is needed. Honesty is the best policy and we will tell you the truth about selling your home even if it is difficult for you to hear and for us to say. We will be there every step of the way when we receive an offer on your home. The 4 Aces listing specialist will negotiate on your behalf in order to get your home sold so you can move on to wherever you are headed!

What is going on in the market?  Is this a good time to sell my home?

Most everyone is aware that the real estate market has undergone big changes over the past 6 or 7 years. Home prices are going up and mortgage lending has become less restrictive. Overall in the big scheme of things, we think this will be healthy for the long term real estate market. Lending regulations have brought purchasing a home back to where it should be, purchasing a home to live in and not to depend upon for your nest egg to borrow against. Even though mortgages are more difficult to obtain than they were in “the good old days”, they are still readily available for borrowers who have relatively good credit, a reasonable down payment and a stable job history. We have several good lenders that we work with who can assist you in obtaining financing. This is part of our job that we do for you as our In the past year, we have seen a big improvement in the market in Hall County. As an example, in a development that we market in the Oakwood area, Mundy Mill Homes we sold 7 new homes in 2012. In 2013, we sold 35 homes, 43 homes 2014, 48 in 2015 and are on track to close 53 this year. Home prices have begun to increase at a healthy rate and inventory levels are decreasing. So, yes this is an excellent time to sell your home. If you are in the market to purchase a home, mortgage rates, are still hovering near their all time low.  Although inventory levels are down from last year, there are still homes available and the prices are still below where they were a few years ago. We see the next few years as being more of a normal real estate market with both buyers and sellers having opportunities to obtain their objectives. Give us a call to see how our team of professionals can assist you.

Can I sell my home myself?  If so, how do I do it?

It is really a question of having the time and knowledge to do so. If you have a home located on a busy road where lots of traffic passes each day, you may do well with a sign on your home. Marketing a home for most homeowners is beyond their level expertise. However, it is not magic, you simply have to get the word out to prospective buyers. As members of the Hall County Board of Realtors, members of three MLS services and having access to many web sites that promote home sales, we have a lot of tools to work with.  Selling your own home also takes time. You have to promote the home via some methods; either print media or on line media and signage. You also must be available to show your home and you need to exercise caution when you set an appointment for someone to view your home, especially if you are alone. For straight answers to selling a home or buying one, give us a call at: 678-971-2237

How does the process of selling or buying a home get started with 4 Aces?

First and foremost, when you contact the 4 Aces team to buy or sell a home, we will set up a meeting with you at our office so we can have a cup of coffee and talk about what you want to accomplish. We want to know what you want and expect out of your association with us and we want you to fully understand how we work so that neither of us will have any surprises.After you have a complete understanding of how we work we know what you want to achieve, we will enter into a Listing Contract for 4 Aces to sell your home or a Buyer Brokerage Agreement if you want us to represent you in the purchase of a home. After our initial meeting, our Listing or Buying Specialist will follow up with you on a weekly basis to make sure your needs are fully met whether you are selling or buying a home. We feel that frequent communication clients is a top priority when we represent a client. The listing or buyer specialist assigned to you will be licensed with 4 Aces Real Estate, LLC and will be a part of our 4 Aces team. That agent will be fully trained by 4 Aces and will offer the highest level of brokerage services available in Hall County. If at any time you are not comfortable with the agent that we have assigned to handle your account, you can always fire us! We are that confident that you will be totally satisfied with our service to you.


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