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John Schwartz has the experience you need!
John Schwartz has the                experience you need!

When you hire 4 Aces Real Estate Team to market your new home community, you put over 30 years of experience on your team.  Our team leader, John Schwartz, has been in the new homes marketing business for over 20 years and has sold over 1000 new homes in 16 new home communities in Hall, Jackson and Banks Counties.

When you hire 4 Aces Real Estate Team, you hire a full team of real estate professionals to work toward one goal, to make your community a complete success.  When we agree to market your community, we will do an in-depth survey of the market to make sure you will be able to establish a successful new homes community.  We look at market absorption rates, sales prices, competition in your area, trends in your market and difficulties that you will likely face.

We tell it like it is and do not pull any punches.  If a community is not selling at a rapid rate, it is not successful for the developer, builder or broker.  We will stake our reputation on your success.  If the community does not succeed at a rapid rate, we will not continue to do the marketing as it will not make sense for anyone.

Having this type of success requires a lot of pre-planning and selecting the right builder or builders.  Most developers fail because the builder did not do what he was supposed to do or because there was no clear plan to begin with.  We have to consider construction financing, home financing for the purchaser, interest rates and many other factors that have an effect on a  successful community.

Most developers and builders do not like to hear this, but it is true.  So here it goes.  The goal of all three parties should be to make the broker’s job as easy as possible.  In reality, no broker can sell a product that is not extremely competitive in the overall market.  Therefore, the success or failure of a project is the planning that is done or not done on the front end.

To be extremely successful, a new home community cannot have any negatives.   You must have a great location, a great product, offer a great value and have a great marketing effort and sales team.  If you do not have a great location, you can still be successful but you have more of an uphill battle or you will likely have to accept a slower sales rate that you would if you had an “A” location.  Anyway, we will be with you all along the way so ………….

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